Elixir in a Bottle

Open a bottle of Aqua et Oleum Premium Finishing Virgin Olive Oil and before you begin to pour some of its precious elixir it will start to tell you a story. It will take you to a land far far away, from another time. Let's begin...

The Mill

You will find yourself in an ancient olive oil mill standing by a massive, forged mill wheel turning its precious waters coming from the Sierra de Gata and flowing furiously onwards towards the Tagus River then to Portugal and finally to the Atlantic.

You will see this wheel and these waters powering the giant granite grist stones that crush the olives into a rich tapenade of olive oil and water.

Water and Oil

Hang around and you will see the oil and water-soaked pads be wheeled into place under the olive press which has been waiting with this super-heated hydraulic piston to discharge and expunge this liquid gold into the special channels flowing into the reservoir from whence it will be collected into giant earthenware jars.

Village Workers

Mira, look around and you will see the amazing workers from the local village of Villamiel doing what they have done for generations. 

They will smile at you and if you catch them during their break, they will invite you for a swig of the local village wine.

The Castle

As you walk out of the mill you will see the Castle of Trevejo that has stood there since the 13th Century, the light hits the castle perfectly, especially if you are there in the afternoon, or during the sunset.

It will take your breath away, just you wait!

The Result

You have in your hands one of the best olive oils on earth made exclusively from the Manzanilla Cacereña olives and exclusively from the 10,000 square kilometers that make up the Sierra de Gata.

What are you waiting for? Open a bottle, pour it over your favorite ingredients, and let the adventure begin…

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