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Once abandoned, now reborn

It all started when Joseph wanted to find a little slice of heaven that reminded him of a time in his 20’s when he was working in an agricultural area of Extremadura, Spain.

After many trips and years of searching for what he had envisioned in his mind’s eye, Joseph finally found what is now Aqua et Oleum, meaning Water and Oil, right in the heart of Sierra de Gata.

A place that used to be an old olive oil mill and was left for ruins has now been transformed into a destination boutique hotel and art gallery.

The Mill

Joseph and his partners collaborated with local craftsmen to renovate the structure keeping the integrity and character of the original Mill. Today the Mill embraces and pays homage to the days of old with the addition of modern conveniences. The serenity of the grove of olive trees and the babbling brook will help you escape into another time.

Pre-booking now for Spring 2022

Experience the enchantment of a Getaway like no other place on earth.